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Andre Berto Media Conference Call Quotes

On Tuesday, March 29, Andre Berto and his trainer, Tony Morgan took part in a media conference call about the upcoming April 16th match-up with Victor Ortiz. Below are some of their quotes on the fight.

Andre Berto

“It seems like his team has been gassing him up based off this camp and realistically, April 16 will be a reality check for him. His coaches and his team have been lying to him all training camp and making him think this fight will be easy or a walk in the park. The ring is a cold place to find out the truth. I’m looking forward to it. Like he said, I don’t think this fight will go the distance and I think it will come out on our end.”

Tony Morgan, Berto’s Trainer

“It seems like Victor runs from confrontation. Like in the Maidana fight, he seems to run and look for a way out. He didn’t want to be on the phone with us. We are here to do a job and we’ll do what we came to do on April 16th.”

Andre Berto

Are you in a no win situation?

“I feel like I’m always going to get a little of criticism whether I win or lose. People don’t believe in my skills and potential. They are going to have to respect that I’m in there with a guy that’s young, can punch and has speed. It’s going to bring a lot of action and try to prove something. I don’t really listen to the criticism. I have confidence in myself and my fans and family are proud of me and I don’t really care about the criticism.”

“Victor Ortiz is a big guy. Realistically he’s a bigger guy than I am so it’s going to be a competitive fight and one to look forward to. Most likely he’s going to be bigger than me that night and I’m going to go in and do what I have to do. “

What makes Collazo difficult to fight?

“Luis Collazo is a tough veteran but just on my end, I wasn’t in shape like I was supposed to be for that fight and that’s a mistake that I made. That’s a mistake that a lot of young fighters on the rise go through. They come into to a fight that they don’t take seriously like they’re supposed to. I almost paid for it. I learned from it and was scared straight.   I made the Collazo fight difficult on my own.”

Did you see Victor’s fight against Lamont Peterson and what were your thoughts?

“I saw different pieces of it. It’s the same Victor Ortiz. He’s a good kid, he can fight but he’s very limited in a lot of areas. He tries to box, but he has to be set on his feet when he throws different types of punches. He’s a tough kid but it was a close fight. In the later rounds of the fight, Lamont hit him with a lot of tough shots that if I’d hit him with them, he would have gone to sleep.”

Do you question Victor’s heart?

“I think that at the end of the day, skills pay the bills. People have seen me out skill guys, seen me out power guys, seen my out bang guys. He has a lot more to prove and maybe this time he will live or die in there to try to prove a point. People know that every fight and every time I get in there, I have the heart of a lion, that’s just how I’m built. That’s not a question on my end.”

“I have to question his heart to a point because he of what he’s shown, even in one situation. He really had to endure some type of controversy and like a bump in the road (in the Maidana fight). Every other fight he was knocking guys out and one guy stands his ground and cracked him back, and that really shows you how his heart is. Like I said, he might try to prove something but you can’t teach that thing that beats in your chest. You can teach all types of skills but you can’t teach that heart that beats in your chest. You either have it or you don’t.“

What fights do you want after Ortiz?

“I’m not sure. Right now, all my focus is on fight night. I don’t see any other fight past that. I’ve been soaking all my energy and training into the fight in the next couple of weeks and that’s all I see right now.”

How is sparring going and who I’ve your sparring partners been? I know you’ve been working with Chop Chop Corley?

“We have four or five different sparring partners and lots of different looks. Chop Chop is here and I have four others and they are 160 or 165 and they all have different skills. I have a speed guy, someone who is extremely strong and a lot of different looks. Chop Chop is here for his craftiness and a veteran look.  I’m just feeling sharp, it’s always difficult trying to go in there with a southpaw, but everything is going tremendously well. I’m seeing things and I’m able to hurt these southpaws so it’s almost like second nature to be. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.”

This is a fight with two young stars with knockout power, how is preparation different?

“It’s just trying to stay smart in there, and on his end as well because he knows I can put him out with one punch. It’s just trying to stay smart and sharp and know every move is a smart move. I’ve been sparring big guys all of life, a lot of my other sparring partners in there are weighing 160-170 pounds. His power is something that I’m not a stranger to. I’ve been in there with big punchers. Urango is the hardest puncher at 140. I’m waiting to see what all the hype is about.”

What do you see as Victor’s weaknesses?

“He has a lot of different weaknesses. One is his being a puncher trying to be able to box. I don’t think he has that down yet. We’ll see April 16th. I’ll just use all my skills to expose them like I need to.”

Ortiz says you haven’t fought a puncher, what happens when you get hit?

“I got caught early in my career with a shot I didn’t see and my hand only touched the canvas and I got up and got a little more aggressive and I got in his a**. That’s how real fighters handle it.”

Tony Morgan, Berto’s Trainer

Victor Ortiz fights a lot on his toes unlike other fighters that are flat footed, what do you expect?

“If you watch Victor, he’s a lot of in and out movement. His main strength is his right jab and a straight left, but he throws it hard. He’s hurt everyone he’s ever fought with it. He throws good combinations inside but we’re not just going to sit there and let Victor punch on us. I truly think Victor is going to come out of the gate and miss and get hit with something hard and get fast feet and make us chase him all around in the ring. I think he wants to come in big and show everyone that he’s the big man and he’s not a shot fighter and he’s got heart. The last two guys he fought, neither one could really punch and Lamont punched him a couple of times and Victor ran from Lamont. I think Maidana is a strong fighter, but he doesn’t punch near as hard as Berto.”

Is Victor Ortiz the best opponent you fought?

“I think he’s a tough kid, it’s hard to say because I haven’t been in the ring with him yet. I can answer that after the fight. I won’t continue to get the credit I deserve. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and knock these guys out.”

“My last 27 opponents said the same thing that Victor said (that they’re going to knock him out). They’re coming to knock me out, they’re going expose me, they’re going to take me to deep water and drown me. I’ve heard it all. You can really go to a class to really trick your mind into thinking something else. If that’s where he feels okay, fine. It’s going to be a lot more exciting fight and it’s going to be a shorter fight.”

“I think his team has been hyping him up and selling him dreams. On April 16th, he’s going to see the truth. He’s going to see all his friends that he thought were his friends disappear. It’s going to be a big reality check and a lot of these kids have to go through that.“

“I’m not sure (what impact the Maidana fight has had), I believe it’s a loss that he took. He really is trying to build his confidence back up. He’s trying to build himself to where he needs to be. It’s an embarrassing loss in his hometown. He saw something in himself that he didn’t like. He and everyone else saw a hungry kid for the last few years and he got in there with some competition. The kid they thought was a big lion or tiger was a big pussycat. That played with him a little bit and he’s trying to get himself back where he needs to be. This fight is either going to bring the best out of him or he’s going to revert back to where he was in the Maidana fight.”

How are you preparing to fight a southpaw?

“I have some tremendous sparring partners, I really think its going to be a mistake on their end if they sit back and watch the Collazo fight and I think that’s the main thing that they’re doing. People see that was a close fight but I wasn’t prepared for that fight mentally or physically at all. I think that’s the worst I will ever look. I’ve had tremendous sparring throughout training camp. As much experience as you can have with those punches coming toward you from those angles and that way, and just get your mind ready for those punches, the better prepared you’ll be.”

Your last win was a first round KO against a guy with a great record and before that you had a career defining victory over Carlos Quintana. What’s your perspective on how those victories were received?

“I think I’ve gotten credit, but then again a lot of it has been downplayed. Just the boxing public in general went more. They see an exciting fight and they want to see more and see you go straight to the number one guy. That’s just how fight fans are. Just being young, and because I have speed, and I have power, they want to see me tested against the best. They want to see me fight the Mayweathers and the Pacquaios. They figure that I have to win or I’m supposed to win. I can’t get really get upset about it like I used to because I didn’t understand. They see my potential and my skills.”

“I’ve grown up in front of the world, fighting on HBO from my 16th,17th fight on. They’ve watched me grow, they’ve watched me evolve. Just like a student who goes from 9-12 grade, you want to see them tackle the best when it comes to the world. All the focus is on April 16th and then we’ll see what happens.”

“At the end of the day in this boxing game, the only thing that matters is if you win. Victor Ortiz was with Fernando Vargas, he was the most exciting kid coming out of Golden Boy. He had the looks, had the Spanish background, and he was knocking people out. As soon as he lost, people turned their back on him so quickly. You just have to be prepared to win. You have to continue being consistent. A lot of people don’t like Floyd. He’s not the image that a lot of fans want to see when it comes to a champion or a top fighter for a sport. But in any type of argument, he can always say he never lost. He might not show everything outside out of the ring, but you’re going to respect him when it comes to this fight game, you have to respect him.”

“My big fight is April 16, it’s going to be a big show on HBO with two young, hungry lions. I’ve called out all the big guys, I’ve been here and done that. Everyone understands, there’s nothing that I have to keep trying to preach. It’s almost a cliché now. If it’s Nonito Donaire at 118 pounds or Sergio Martinez at 160  pounds, and they  just put on a great performance and the first question is who do you want to fight -Mayweather or Pacquaio. It’s getting cliché. I’m just going to keep putting these guys in front of me and keep dominating and make my presence known. All that barking doesn’t get business done. If these guys want to fight you, they’ll fight you or they’ll keep walking. Your performance in general will get things done.”

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Berto-Ortiz Headed to Foxwoods

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Boxing is back at Foxwoods.

DiBella Entertainment announced that the World Boxing Council (“WBC”) Welterweight title fight between undefeated, defending champion Andre Berto and challenger “Vicious” Victor Ortiz will be take place April 16 in MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Berto vs. Ortiz is presented by DiBella Entertainment, in association with Golden Boy Promotions. The bout will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing. Tickets are priced at $350, $200, $125, and $65 and will go on sale Wednesday, March 16 through the MGM Grand at Foxwoods box office. Tickets can be purchased online at www.mgmatfoxwoods.com, by calling the MGM Grand at Foxwoods at 1-866-646-0609, or in person at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods box office.

“I am so happy to be coming back to one of the premiere fight venues on the east coast,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment, the promoter of the show. “Berto vs. Ortiz is as compelling of a match as could be made in the welterweight division. I will see to it that the undercard is packed with some of the biggest names in boxing from New England and the rest of the world. April 16 will be another great night for boxing at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.”

Berto (27-0, 21 KOs), a 2004 Haiti Olympian fighting out of Winter Haven, Fla., captured the WBC welterweight belt in 2008 by stopping Miguel Angel Rodriguez in the seventh round. The lightning-quick Berto has made five successful title defenses, in order, against world champions Steve Forbes (DEC12), Luis Collazo (DEC12), Juan Urango (DEC12), and Carlos Quintana (TKO8), as well as veteran Freddy Hernandez (TKO1) last November.

Former NABO/USBA title holder Ortiz (28-2-2, 22 KOs), fighting out of Oxnard (CA), is a crafty southpaw who has won four of his last fight fights with one draw. His most notable victories have been against world champions Vivian Harris (KO3), Nate Campbell (DEC10) and Carlos Maussa (KO1).

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Andre Berto Remembers His Family’s Homeland on the One-Year Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake

(WINTER HAVEN, FLA.) – WBC Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto (Winter Haven, Fla.) is remembering all the lives lost and innocent people affected by the catastrophic earthquake that shook Haiti a year ago today.  Berto, a 2004 Haitian Olympian, had the following thoughts one year after the devastating natural disaster.

“It was one year ago today that we all heard the piercing cry of a nation hit by a catastrophic natural disaster that sent shock waves heard around the world. The deadly earthquake took over 300,000 innocent lives, and left countless thousands more homeless and shedding tears of pain and horror. We witnessed the full might of Mother Nature’s strength as she crumbled the earth. The survivors from that fateful day will continue living on, but with mental and physical scars that will never let them forget that January day.

The strong country has been battered, but the pride and the spirit of the people will never wither. Haiti is a place I hold very dear to my heart and we will continue to stay strong and work to rebuild toward a better Haiti. Although the images of their struggles aren’t on television daily anymore, the Haitian people continue to struggle so please continue to remember their plight.

Today, on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake, I ask everyone to please take time for a moment of silence for those lives lost. Thank u….  Ayiti Cheri- Mwen Pap Jam Bliye Ou-L’union fait la force!!!”

Berto was in training camp preparing for his match-up with Shane Mosley when he received word of the devastating earthquake and those lost within his own family. He chose to withdraw from the career-defining fight to travel Haiti and aid in the relief efforts. Since that time, he has created the Berto Dynasty Foundation to assist in raising funds and rebuilding the shattered nation. The Foundation has been working with fellow charitable agencies currently working in Haiti since its inception in early 2010 and plans to continue these efforts in 2011. For more information on the Berto Dynasty Foundation, go to www.andreberto.com and click on the Berto Dynasty Foundation link.

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Fighting for Haiti

I will make my long awaited return to the ring in just 10 days in Fighting for Haiti. A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to my charity, the Berto Dynasty Foundation benefitting Project Medishare. My brother Cleveland I traveled to Haiti with Project Medishare just over a week after the earthquake and I saw both the devastation of the earthquake and the work that Project Medishare does firsthand.

Make sure you come out and support the cause on Saturday, April 10th when I make my fourth title defense against former World Champion Carlos Quintana. Tickets start at only $35 and a portion of the proceeds from all the tickets will go to Haitian Relief Efforts.

Stay tuned for my info on my fight and the Berto Dynasty Foundation.

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A Fighter’s Fight

At 5:58 p.m., on January 12, I got the call. I was just returning from the gym, preparing for the biggest fight of my career against Sugar Shane Mosley. I was informed that the island of Haiti was rocked by a massive 7.0 earthquake. I am confused and concerned, but night falls with no idea of how serious the damage is, so all we can do is wait. The morning sun rises and reveals the powerful strength of Mother Nature – thousands of people dead on the streets, people being pulled from the rubble and buildings that were smashed to the ground. As I sat watching CNN, a chilling sensation ran down my spine. I felt the mourning of a nation, a people that I call my own.
Later that night I got a visit from my parents. They walked through my door with the look of exhaustion and worry.  I see the pain in my mother and father’s eyes as they try to understand why? A country so beautiful, a nation they call home and hold dear to their hearts; a land that could only withstand so much misery and strife.  My mother looks up to the ceiling, her eyes moist with tears looking and asking for answers from above.  All I could do was hold her.  We stayed up all night trying to call family in Haiti, particularly my older sister Naomi, but with no success.

After three days we finally got word, but it was tragic. My uncle and seven other members of his household were all found dead. They were battered by the concrete blocks that once held their home.  But with darkness comes light; my sister Naomi and my niece Jessica were alive. They were walking to a friend’s house at the time of the earthquake when their home collapsed. So for now they wander the streets with the rest of the homeless looking for shelter and food. Walking the streets at night they hear the screams and cries of men, women, and children still under the rubble.

January 30th was supposed to be the biggest fight of my career – the type of fight that every young fighter dreams about against a living legend. With the fight only a few weeks away, I tried my best to stay focused on the task at hand. Stay on the same grueling routine I’ve endured for the past eight weeks of training camp. But at this point with every mile I run and every punch I throw, I can’t help but think of my reality. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and help clear my mind. I pause as the water drips from my chin. I look up to my reflection only to see the eyes of Toussaint L’Ouverture and the face of Jean-Jacques Dessalines – the great Haitian revolutionary leaders that freed the country in 1804. Spirits that now cry for her children’s help. They say the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands during times of challenge and controversy. I had to decide to cancel a dream fight in Las Vegas, but now I have a much bigger cause to fight for in Haiti.

With help from Project Medishare and Dr. Barth Green, my brother Cleveland and I were on a plane to Haiti; a flight I spent in heavy thought.  Images of the schools and orphanages we once brought aide to a few months ago race through my head. Now they are gone. Sitting back thinking within myself, I am mentally prepared for what I’m going to see. The graphic images on TV made it look like hell on earth and in an hour or so; we’re going to be right in the trenches.

When the plane lands and the door is open, it seems like I’ve walked into a nightmare. The Caribbean sky is still filled with the smoke and dust from the rubble. Army trucks are everywhere, big  jumbo planes are bringing in cargo aide and supplies.  Helicopters are passing overhead; it feels like I walked into a war zone. We made the ride over to the Project Medishare hospital, which was the biggest tent hospital on the ground. As I’m walking into the tent hospital, I stop and made eye contact w/ my brother Cleveland.  At that point we made it clear that whatever was behind those doors we had to be ready.

As the doors slowly opened, I walked in and just stood watching hundreds of patients fighting for their lives. I dropped my bag and went straight to work helping the doctors any way I could. I witnessed hundreds of kids covered in bandages, crying for parents that they’ll never see again, and asking to go back to a home that is no more.

When I walk through the aisle, a little girl grabbed my pant leg, and I stopped and looked at her. She had a smile that could light up the darkest day, corn rows in her head, and a little necklace with an angel on it. I asked her what her name was, and she said Measha. I told her she was beautiful, and she responded “Thank You” (in Creole). Then she asked me if I could fix her leg because it has been hurting. She pulled the blanket back and her leg had been amputated. I looked in her eyes with emotions leaking from my heart and couldn’t believe how much strength this little girl had. As I looked around the room there were hundreds of patients that wanted that same comfort. On the other side of the tent, I see a handful of doctors rushing over to a patient who just went into cardiac arrest. I walk over to see this wonderful team of doctors try to bring this man back to life but with no success. The doctors shook their heads in disappointment. They pick him up and walk him out, another life lost. I am overwhelmed. I cannot begin to understand why God allows these things to happen. I don’t try to understand. I just have faith.


As hours pass and the day ends it is clear that everyone is physically and emotionally drained.  It’s 2 a.m., and we leave the hospital and go to the house that we’re staying.  I lay down on the cot sleep knowing there are others buried and pleading for help. I can see their faces in my dreams and hear their cries.

The days ahead we spent some time driving through the streets of Port Au Prince, I see building after building crushed to the ground. The city air is congested with the smell of dead on the streets and still under the rubble. We see tent fields filled with thousands of people that have lost everything  but are still doing what they can to survive. Western Union lines wrap around street corners as people get money from their loved ones in the States. There are long lines of Haitian women with big pots stirring and cooking their hearts out and distributing food throughout the tent camps. I made a stop at the Presidential Palace. They were hundreds of people outside the gates just looking to see how such a massive building with so much history could be crushed so easily. 

Back at the Medishare hospital a truck pulled up with a father and his daughter. His daughter was unconscious.  I picked her up and carried her into the hospital. When I laid her down, she opens her eyes and I tell her it’s going to be okay. I didn’t think anything was wrong with her. There were no cuts or bruises. But not five minutes later, she falls into cardiac arrest. Doctors rip her shirt open and start CPR. The father starts to yell and cry. I grab him and tell him to relax and he tells me she is all he has because everyone else is dead. The doctors revived her three times before she passed.  Her father grips my shirt in pain and sorrow and falls to his knees. Wow…… It’s hard to imagine a parent losing their child and actually witnessing her death. I assisted some workers in placing the young girl in a body bag.


Another day and another life lost, but many were saved. It felt good to see doctors and volunteers from all around the world helping with Haiti’s efforts. Within all the pain and hurt I’ve seen so much strength.

On random late nights, I walk around the hospital camp outside and hear lovely sounds of old Haitian spirituals of faith coming through the hospital tents. My heart fills with joy and pride knowing that the strength of the Haitian history still shows proudly today. Throughout all the suffering Haiti has been through over the years, these are the people of 1804, the first free black republic.



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Encino, CA (February, 2010)-  Due to the massive devastation learning facilities encountered in the January 12th earthquake, WBC Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto and the Westmark School have partnered up to rebuild a school for the children of Haiti. On Thursday, February 4, Berto will meet with the students of Westmark to speak about his recent trip to Haiti and what they can do to help improve the lives of Haitian children through education.  


In addition, Berto has teamed up with Everlast Worldwide Inc. to develop a limited “Team Berto” t-shirt, and 100% of proceeds benefit the American Red Cross’ Haiti Relief and Development fund to support emergency recovery efforts. The limited-edition shirt, available at www.Everlast.com, will be worn by the children of the Westmark School in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of the Haitian relief effort.   


Berto, a 2004 Haitian Olympian, recently launched the Berto Dynasty Foundation and will travel to Miami following the Westmark School event to participate in the BET Haiti telethon.


About Andre Berto:

An accomplished amateur, Berto has enjoyed a quick ascent to the top of the professional boxing world, culminating in his first World Championship title on June 21, 2008. Berto sent the previously unstoppable Miguel Angel Rodriguez crashing to the canvas in the seventh round to claim the WBC Welterweight title, vacated by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Berto has made three successful title defenses since winning the WBC strap, defeating Steve Forbes, Luis Collazo and Juan Urango to move his record to a perfect 16-0.


 About Westmark School:

Westmark School, located in Encino, CA, provides a caring environment where motivated students with learning differences in grades 3 -12 discover their unique paths to personal and academic excellence in preparation for a successful college experience. For more information please contact: www.westmarkschool.org or call 818-986-5045.


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The Berto Dynasty Foundation has been established and is now up and running. The charitable organization, which has been founded by Haitian-American World Champion Andre Berto will focus all of its current efforts on providing much-needed aide to Haiti, which was hit by a devastating 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Donations for the Berto Dynasty Foundation can be sent to:

Berto Dynasty Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Eric Adamson
252 Magnolia Ave. SW
Winter Haven, FL 33880-2901

Any questions regarding the Berto Dynasty Foundation and its efforts can be sent to savehaiti@andreberto.com. Thank you for your continued support.

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Pray 4 Haiti

I am reaching out to all of my fans and supporters and asking for everyones help in supporting Haiti. I know everyone has seen all of the horrible images on television. It has been very hard on me and my family to learn about everything going on over there. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that people have been sending me. My family has been hit very hard and we have learned of several family members that passed away in the earthquake. We were very happy to learn that my older sister Naomi and her daughter Jessica survived. Her house collapsed so like many people in Haiti she is homeless and doing her best to deal with everything going on.

I am currently in the process of launching my own foundation and ask that all of you stay posted to the site to get all the information of how we will be helping in the relief efforts. One of my sponsors Everlast has created a special Haiti Relief Team Berto shirt and they will go on sale next week with all of the proceeds going to Haiti relief.

I will be adding more information about my foundation and how you can assist to my website so please check back often and help me help all the people in Haiti.


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The Toy Drive

What’s up everyone. Happy Holidays. Even though I am deep in training camp for Shane I wanted to go out to Orlando for a toy drive my sister Nana was working on through her school. My boy Fayse and I went to Walmart on Thursday night and went on a toy shopping spree to make sure all the kids were taken care of. I always wanted to go on a shopping spree like that when I was a kid and now I am able to do it.

One of the biggest radio shows in Orlando was hosting the toy drive and have done it for 18 years now. We packed up all the toys in the van and headed out to Orlando. The rain and traffic was crazy but we made it in time to go on the air with the Johnny & Jayde. I had a great time with them and after the interview we headed down to the Toy Warehouse. It was amazing to see all the toys that people had donated. There were rooms for boys and girls and different ages. A lot of kids are going to have a Merry Christmas now.

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Week Four

What’s up everyone. Happy Holidays from training camp down here in Winter Haven, Florida. I’m in week four of my training game for the January 30th fight with “Sugar” Shane Mosley and so far everything is going as planned.

Me and my team are workin out three times a day and starting early in the morning every day down here. I am feeling great and can’t wait to make my mark on fight night. It’s always great to be here in Winter Haven with the fam and I’m surrounded by my family and the comforts of home which always keep me motivated to put on a show on January 30. I definitely feel the love as we drive around town in my signature Andre Berto van and I hit my favorite spots here in Polk County.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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